Which Type of Roof Will Keep the Room Cooler

Which Type of Roof Will Keep the Room Cooler

Which Type of Roof Will Keep the Room Cooler?​

Big roof factors that play a role in reducing interior temperatures: Color, Material, Solar Reflectance, and Infrared Emittenance. To maximize cooling, roof slope, roofing materials such as foam roof, asphalt reflective shinlges, white roof coatings, etc., and height of interior ceilings should be considered.

Which Type of Roof Will Reduce Interior Temperatures

If you live in a hot climate or experience hot summers, it’s time to think about what you can do about your roof to make your house cooler. For instance, did you know that a dark roof can significantly hot on a sunny, windless day? A roof coating or white roof will reflect more of the sun’s heat, leaving your house and attic a lot cooler. The type of roof also matters. So which type of roof will keep the room cooler, what is the best roofing material for hot or dry climates?

In this article, we’ll discuss different types of roofs and how they can help to keep your house cooler. We’ll also point out the roofing materials that can help to keep your home cooler.

Roofing Materials

White Roof Coatings

While changing the reflectivity and color of your roof will help to keep your house cooler, looking for a material with a high solar reflectance will come in handy. The best materials are usually white and smooth or even using foam roofing instead of shingles. When you apply white roof coatings, for example, they can provide a solar reflection of up to 80%, which means your roof will only absorb 20% of the sun’s energy as heat. However, white roof coatings get dirty and weathered. After several years, their ability to reflect heat may go down to about 50%, which is still a significant benefit but it’s important to bear in mind the degradation.

Solar Reflectance

Tests show that some roof coating such as elastomeric coating and ceramic coating, provide high solar reflectance levels of over 80%. Contrarily, white asphalt shingles typically reflect only about 25% of sunlight. This is because the shingles are actually gray, with a black substrate and rough texture. Premium white asphalt shingles use a whiter granule which provides a reflectance of up to 35%.

Infrared Emittance

When it comes to keeping your home cool, there’s more to look for in a roofing material besides solar reflectance. The roofing material should also have a high infrared emittance which helps the roof to lose heat by re-radiation. Most materials will do this except for aluminum roof coatings. While white roof coatings will radiate stored heat back to the sky at night, aluminum tends to stay warmer at night. As such, aluminum roofs will not perform quite as well as white material with similar solar reflectance.

Best Roofing Materials to Keep Home Cool

Best Roofing Materials to Keep Home Cool, Best Roofing Materials, Best Roof For Hot Climates

Ultimately, your roofing options will depend on how extensive your reroofing project is and the type of roof you have. If you have a flat or low-sloping roof, you can purchase solar-reflective white roofing. If you have a sloped roof, you might want to invest in shingles because they’re more aesthetically pleasing. However, getting solar reflective white shingles might be tough. You’ll likely need to get more expensive fiber cement, concrete or white clay tiles – or painted metal shingles.

Which Type of Roof Will Keep The Room Cooler

Which Type of Roof Will Keep The Room Cooler, Roof Inspections, Roof Maintenance

Which type of roof will keep the room cooler?

After speaking with Skyline’s veteran roof installers, the short answer is to find a light-colored coating with a material that has a high solar reflectance. The material also matters. Wood and curved tiles, for example, usually allow air to circulate, which helps to keep them cool. As a homeowner or property manager, keeping an eye on roof maintenance will save thousands, knowing when to replace roofing at the right time can decrease the chances of material failure that can cause leaks, holes, structure degradation, etc. Outside of installing or replacing a roof, there are many ways to reduce interior termperatures without air conditioning by becoming more environmetal friendly within your househould.

Which Type of Roof Will Keep the Room Cooler

Which Type of Roof Will Keep the...